IfS - That`s us!

The IfS is a language institute for adults and offers three main types of language teaching: German as a Foreign Language ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache", DaF), English and Business English, and other European and non-European languages. The Institut was founded in 1999 in Kassel, a medium-sized town located in the heart of Germany.

Our aims:

  • to offer effective, varied, high-quality language teaching
  • to help students reach specific goals in a limited amount of time
  • to make teaching and learning languages fun
  • to provide language instruction accompanied by a wide range of supporting activities

Our success to date demonstrates the effectiveness of our methods: more than 1,000 students participate successfully in our various language programs every year.

Of course, our staff of more than 30 teachers makes a decisive contribution – it is our policy to create a positive learning climate and friendly atmosphere. Students are always welcome to come to us if they need individual consultation and support.

The IfS offers German language students a compact package and will, on request, assist and guide participants through all stages of the processes that are necessary before taking up their studies. We run our own guesthouse near Kassel, providing incoming students with a place to stay until they arrange long-term accommodation, with which we can also offer assistance if required.

IfS Team

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